Welcoming the Snow Storm Season

By Kylee Garber
Just yesterday, there was multiple accidents happening all around the county. The snowfall surprised many road crews as the weather was worse than predicted. The most severe accident was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which involved 30 cars and killed one person. It held up the turnpike between Downingtown and Morgantown, Berks County, for at least nine hours. The death that happened did not even have to do with the initial car crash. PennDot reported that when a minor accident happened, a man got out of his car and ended up getting hit and killed.


The winter season is just beginning.

This is just the beginning of the winter season and as more snow is scheduled to come later in the week, with colder weather conditions. While every student in the county is celebrating two hour delay on Monday, they are still asking and reminding all drivers to be careful on the roads and to never underestimate the power of a little snow and ice.

“The PA Turnpike urges all travelers to reduce their speeds and keep alert for changing travel conditions and emergency crews working on the roadway. Do not attempt to pass Turnpike trucks plowing or servicing the highway,”

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Suicide because of bullying

August 27th a 15-year-old boy Bart Palosz killed himself. He committed suicide due to bullying. He was made fun of because he was 6 foot 3 inches. Outwardly there were no signs of trouble with Bart. He had been dealing with bullies for years. His parents tried to let the school know that this was happening,  but nothing was done about it. After his death they found posts on his Google plus account saying that he had been thinking about killing himself for a while. His death effected many people. He was called a friendly giant. He was described as a kind and funny child.

I think that it is awful that a child felt that the only way that this bullying could end was to take his life. There should have been more done by the school to prevent this from happening. The parents were  doing everything that they could to save their son and couldn’t get the help from others.

This is important to talk about in school because this is where the bullying took place. There is no reason why someone should be bullied. There are programs that are in place to help prevent these tragic events from taking place, but they are not being taken advantage of. Kids in school should be aware because what they say and do does effect other people. Teachers should be aware so that way they can help students that are being picked on.


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A woman who swam from Cuba to Florida

A 64 year old woman decided to swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida over the Labor day weekend. In this article, it describes a woman named Diana Nyad who tried to complete this swim five times and was not successful, but she completed the swim this time. Diana told the public that it was not a good, easy swim. It was very difficult for her because of weather changes, and becoming very tired. There was a certain team that helped feed her and make sure she was doing okay the whole way. They would stop from time to time to feed her and give her water. The team also watched for sharks. The first time Diana ever tried to swim this journey, she had an asthma attacked and an 11 hour jellyfish attack which caused her journey to end. Ever since she was a young child, she had dreamed to swim the whole way to the United States. Diana has not made the most historic swim anyone has ever done.

After I read this article, I was very shocked and amused that a woman Diana’s age could swim the amount she has. I think it was very brave for her to want to complete that kind of journey because of all the weather conditions and amount of danger that could occur. I think that this article will help people look at accomplisments and following dreams more serious. Everyone should try their very best to make their dreams come true, and Diana did that by completing the swim she has always wanted to accomplish.

This article would be very relevant for our students at Manheim Central High School to know about because it shows how anyone can accomplish a dream if you put your all into it. It will help students know more about trying more then one time can get more success then if you only try once. I think students would be interested in reading this just like I did because it is interesting to see how an older lady, who had a dream since she was little finally accomplished it.

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A young teen commits suicide due to bullying

A young boy who attended Greenwich High School in Connecticut committed suicide due to  other teenagers in his school continuously bullying him. This article talks about a young teen that always been teased and made fun of about his height and body shape, but he ignored it for as long as he could take. After the young boy passed away, the investigators started to find posts from him that a young girl named Izzy, who was  his friend started to find and receive. The posts were what he would do to commit suicide. He seemed to make it as more of a joke that no one could take seriously. The parents of this teen flew back to Poland to bury there young son.

As I read this article, I feel horrible that a  boy at such a young age took his life because other kids are so cruel. Teenagers now a days don’t realize how hurtful just simple words can be to someone. I wish kids would tell an adult when bullying occurs so it could be stopped, but teenagers don’t like to do that. Bullying has began to worsen as the generations continue. Young kids has no self control of what they say. This teenager had his whole life ahead of him, and because people were so mean to him because of his appearance, he does not have anything to look forward too anymore. This article breaks my heart because so many people are self confident in themselves and people still bully others. Schools need to focus and try to catch bullying more instead of hoping the young teens will come to them.

I think this article would be relevant for students at Manheim Central High School because bullying happens mostly in schools and not many kids know how to know if someone is being bullied and what they should do if they see someone being bullied. The article will help students see how just simple words can hurt someone’s feelings and even if it was a joke, other kids take it serious. This boy was bullied for so long and not one person stuck up for him. I think this will show students that this can happen anywhere and it is up to us to help stop bullying no matter who it is.

Greenwich High School students during dismissal, Wednesday afternoon, August 28, 2013. A Greenwich High School sophomore, widely reported to have been the victim of bullying, committed suicide after the first day of classes Tuesday. Bartlomiej "Bart" Palosz, 15, shot himself to death Tuesday night at his family's home in Byram, police said. Photo: Bob Luckey / Greenwich Time

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First Post

This is my first blog post.

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